5 Ways to be a Better Friend to your Partner

5 Ways to be a Better Friend to your Partner

As a couples therapist I often hear complaints about the “spark” being gone from the relationship. The “spark” in a relationship can translate to a number of things, it changes over time and with life’s circumstances. The one thing that keeps successful couples coming back to each other and making it work is a solid friendship. Friendship often gets couples through the tough times, and that feeling of closeness and connectedness often re-ignites that “spark.” Here are some quick and easy tips you can put into practice TODAY to be a better friend to your other half. 


1. Positive Interaction Daily

Life gets so busy sometimes that we become passing ships in the night, and forget to actually interact with those we live with. There are lots of little ways to show that we still notice them. You can smile when they enter the room, kiss for no reason, hug before you leave the house, or cuddle for a few minutes before sleeping.

2. Be on Their Side

When our partner is talking about conflict at work or with other people in their life, it’s important that they feel like we have their back. I am not saying to always tell them they are right, but take the time to see their side of the story and acknowledge that someone hurt them in some way. You don’t want to be viewed as part of the problem here!

3. Be Kind

Of course, we know the Golden Rule, do unto others, and what not… but do we remember to use it at home? Let’s try to listen with an open heart, help each other with tasks, anticipate each other’s needs a bit more, and empathize with each other’s feelings. If we can do it with strangers, we can do it with our partners as well.

4. Make them a Priority

We let someone know that they are a priority in our lives by making time for them, being patient with them, and considering their needs and wants when making decisions. It’s a balancing act between self-care time, family time, and couple time.

5. PLAY!

Let’s not forget the best part about having a live-in best friend, we get to PLAY! Tease each other, compete to see who can get the chores done first, play board games, video games, or sports together, water balloon fight in the driveway, ANYTHING works here as long as it’s fun for both of you.

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Hi, I’m Fatima, a south Florida native with ties to the Caribbean, and I absolutely love what I do! Since graduating in 2011, I have had the pleasure of helping so many achieve their goals. I have helped teens and adults work through and overcome symptoms of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and, addiction. One of my passions is helping couples learn how to better communicate with each other. Together we can get through the difficult times in your relationship by building stronger foundations and understanding each other on a new level.

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