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Gifted Testing

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Is your child a quick learner? Are they picking up words, letters, numbers, or other facts quicker than their friends? Does he/she/they have a large and growing vocabulary?

Does it seem like your child is extra curious? Are they always asking questions and wanting to know more? Is your child eager to learn? To take on the next subject? Do puzzles and/or pattern-detection come easily to your child?

Are they excelling in the arts or music? Is he/she/they particularly passionate about a subject area? Is your child highly sensitive or empathetic to those around them? 

These can all be signs that your child is gifted. Signs of a gifted child can appear in many different ways. Often it is school officials who notice the differences of the child before the parent. Because of the difficulties and challenges faced by gifted children, it is important to properly identify them so they can be guided appropriately.

Gifted children can be faced with a variety of difficulties including:

  • Boredom and impatience
  • Frustration and disappointment when ideals are not reached 
  • Disregard for or open questioning of rules and traditions
  • Preoccupation with deep human concerns, sometimes leading to anxiety and depression
  • Difficulty observing boundaries and channeling their intense energy
  • Feelings of not fitting in with their peers 

At Caring Therapists we know this can be a confusing time for parents. What should you do? How do you know if your child is gifted? How do you make sure you are doing the best for them? These are all questions we can help you answer during a gifted evaluation. 

Being Gifted Is About More Than IQ

The term “gifted” generally refers to a child who has an IQ in the top 2% of the population. But there is a lot more that goes into being “gifted” than IQ.

The National Association for Gifted Children reports that gifted children can possess greater-than-average awareness, perception, and sensitivity. This can be displayed in one or more areas including art, music, language, science, or math. 

Common traits of gifted children include: 

  • ability to reason well and learn quickly
  • creativity
  • strong imagination
  • good memory
  • larger than average vocabulary
  • deep absorption in activities that interest them
  • keen observation, perception, and insight
  • complex and abstract thinking 

We want your child to be as successful as possible in life, just as you do. Success begins with properly identifying whether your child is gifted and determining if he/she/they could benefit from extra emotional support, enhanced schooling, or other tools. At Caring Therapists, we offer a supportive, warm, safe environment where they can get tested and receive the tools to face their challenges in the best way possible. 

Gifted Evaluations Can Help Your Child Succeed 

Gifted evaluations can provide important information about your child’s abilities. They will be evaluated using Ability and Achievement Tests which measure Intelligence Quotient (IQ) by assessing various cognitive abilities, such as verbal reasoning, visual/spatial reasoning, memory, and processing speed. 

Most gifted behaviors are positive but some have social and emotional challenges, including anxiety, perfectionism, stress, and issues with peers. Identifying your child’s giftedness early on can help place your child into a gifted program and/or get them help with any learning disabilities or social struggles. 

Making the decision to seek a gifted evaluation for your child is personal. There is no right or wrong answer. We understand that as a parent you might have a lot of questions and concerns. Here are a few common questions and answers:

Will I be involved in my child’s evaluation?

Parents are involved in the evaluation but not during the testing portion. 

How much does the evaluation cost?

We charge a flat fee for the evaluation, which includes test administration, scoring, interpretation, report writing, and consultation to discuss the results. Please contact us for the current rate. 

How long will the evaluation take?

Please allow 2-3 hours for the entire evaluation to take place. 

How should I prepare my child?

Make sure he/she/they get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy meal prior to their visit. Keep things as relaxing and calm as possible. Try to avoid putting pressure on them which can lead to increased anxiety. 

What happens if my child doesn’t meet the requirements for a Gifted program?

Nothing. You and your child can go back to normal life. Parents do, however, often find they gain a better understanding of their child and how they process information. 

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