Social Skills

Social Skills

Social Skills for Teens and Children in Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Coral Springs, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens & Online


Is your child struggling to make friends? Do they come home from school sad and upset, telling you how lonely they are? Are they unaware of what to do in social situations?

Is your child or teen having trouble fitting in? Do they hesitate to start conversations with other kids? Do they often choose to play alone rather than with others? Do they struggle with understanding body language and facial expressions? Do they respond inappropriately in social situations, such as blurting, interrupting, or monopolizing conversations?

It can be frustrating, as a parent, to see your child struggling in social situations. You want your child to have friends and be confident in their surroundings. 

Research shows that being skilled in social situations leads to increased academic performance, more positive behavior, better family relationships, and involvement in extracurricular activities. Children who lack social skills often have trouble connecting with and keeping friendships. 

At Caring Therapists, we want to help your child develop their social skills and ultimately their self-esteem and confidence. 


There Are Lots of Reasons Children Struggle Socially

There are a number of things that cause children to struggle with social skills. They might have trouble with self-control, have difficulty communicating, struggle with language barriers, suffer from mental health issues like anxiety or depression, or be struggling with stressful situations at home. Learning disabilities, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity, and Autism disorders can also cause children to struggle socially. 

Sometimes children and teens just need a little guidance on what to do in social situations. How to approach others, what to do if someone says this thing or does that thing. At Caring, we get to the bottom of what is causing your child to struggle socially and we work with them to develop tools to tackle those issues. 

Your child doesn’t have to be lonely, he/she/they can gain confidence and learn proper ways to interact with others. 


Improving Social Skills Leads To Greater Self-Esteem

There are lots of ways to improve social skills and a lot depends on the individual child. At Caring, we work with the child and caregivers to determine the best course of treatment. We use tools such as role-playing, conversation development skills, and observing others. We also work to address any underlying issues such as anxiety and depression.

Struggling socially can take a huge toll on self-esteem. It often leads to intense feelings of isolation. We will help your child gain the confidence they need to move forward with a happier life.

We know choosing to bring your child to therapy can be confusing and scary. We promise to do our best to assist your child so they build a toolbox of skills that will benefit them throughout their life. We understand you might have some questions. Here are a few common ones and their answers:


Will I be involved in my child’s therapy?

Treatment for social skills works best when a caregiver is involved in the treatment process. We are giving your child the tools to properly read and enter social situations but sometimes they need a little guidance and encouragement —which is why it is crucial that you are on board. 


How much does treatment cost?

We offer a competitive private-pay rate and accept most major insurances, both in and out-of-network. We can provide you with a superbill to help get your services full or partially covered. Our office managers are dedicated to helping your child get the treatment they need. They are happy to check your insurance benefits prior to your first visit. 


How long until my child starts to feel better?

Every child is unique. That’s why we work with your child to develop a personalized plan that fits their needs. It can take an average of 20 sessions to resolve problems, sometimes more and sometimes less depending on the child and how they respond to treatment. The therapist will take the time to get to know your child.


Caring Therapists of Broward & Palm Beach offers proven and effective treatments

We are proud to say that our current and past clients have seen much success in their lives since starting with Caring Therapists. We are proud to have highly rated reviews on Google and Facebook.  We are committed to helping your child get back to enjoying life.


Your Child Can Be Happy Again

Caring Therapists of Broward & Palm Beach offers superb social skills for teens and children

We are proud to have a 5 star rating on Google and Facebook.  We are committed to providing you with 5 star treatment based on evidenced based practices.

You Can Get Help For social skills for Teens and Children

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