Ten Out of the Box Things To Do With Your Spouse

Ten Out of the Box Things To Do With Your Spouse


Everyone knows the generic date ideas for your spouse that have been pushed around time and time again. A couple weeks ago, I published one such list. While the list I provided was thoughtful, most of them included things that we all know are available to us. This time, I decided to make a list of things that are out of the box and different. There is some overlap but I am working with couples in marriage counseling in my Pembroke Pines office to get out of their comfort zone. Getting outside of your comfort zone when working in couples counseling is imperative.

One way to step outside of your comfort zone is to use date nights as a cornerstone of the relationship. By incorporating new and fun things to your date nights, you are then letting all that fun and excitement into your relationship.

  1. Drive to a local tourist spot and hang out for the day, fanny packs and all

  2. Head on over to your local Denny’s at midnight and order breakfast

  3. Go window shopping in the most expensive stores in your area

  4. Watch an old musical and sing all the words together

  5. Visit a local pet shelter

  6. Attend a political rally and support a candidate

  7. Have a debate in the living room about a current event

  8. Have sex in an uncommon place (obviously following your state and local laws)

  9. Play dress up and attend a local Polo Club event (don’t forget your pearls)

  10. Visit locations from your spouse’s childhood


It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to relationships, marriage and commitments. It’s important to keep things fresh by incorporating fun into all aspects of your relationship. Personally, this list inspired me to bring my significant other around my childhood hometown to show him where I grew up. Which one of these suggestions are you most looking forward to?

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