Our Children + Covid-19 

Our Children + Covid-19 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shook the world. With cases popping up everywhere, masks being required by some counties, people losing their jobs and schools being closed, it is a traumatic event experienced by all in one way or another. Most mental health disorders begin in childhood, making it essential that mental health needs are identified early and treated. Mental health disorders are often triggered by a traumatic experience. during this sensitive time in child development.

We often forget about our young ones. We think, they don’t fully understand what is going on. On the contrary. Our children are able to sense our feelings. They know that something is going on. They know that their schedules has changed and they’re missing having social contact with their friends. With all these sudden changes, it is common to notice behavioral and emotional changes in our children.

You can help your child during this time by:

  1. Reassuring them they are safe
  2. Answer the questions they may have
  3. Limit their exposure to the news
  4. Share your own unique coping skills
  5. Create a new routine and structure at home

If you notice severe changes in your child, they may need the help of a mental health professional. If untreated, mental health problems can lead to many negative health and social outcomes.



By Stephonia Llewellyn, LMHC


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