Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs


Limiting beliefs are typically developed during childhood.  Events take place, we hear things from our parents, teachers, or other adults and develop a belief system that carries into our adulthood.  The beliefs can be, I’m not good enough, I’m not lovable, I’m not worthy, etc.  When we have these limiting beliefs they stop of us from truly living, sometimes out of fear and because we believe we can’t have more.  You might be thinking, why would I stop myself from truly living the life I desire?  Well, most of this happens on an unconscious level and you have to identify the patterns and beliefs that are limiting you.  Some ways you can do this is by doing personal development work, journaling, therapy, and meditation.  When the limiting beliefs move into your awareness you can start to de-bunk them by using positive affirmations, I can and I am statements, and by believing you are good enough, worthy, lovable and so on.  Here is an activity I recently did to help let go of limiting beliefs, it can be done with a group or individuals;

Guided Meditation

Sit quietly and relax your mind and body.  Notice your breathing and just relax.  Think back to the times or events as a little boy and a little girl when you starting believing all the lies you tell yourself, I’m not good enough, I’m not worth it, I don’t matter, I’m not lovable.  Feel the sadness about a lost childhood because of these beliefs.  What limiting beliefs do you want to let go of? Bring them to the present moment, see the aspects of these beliefs and how they were created.  See how they affect your life and how your life reflects these beliefs.  Now see that these beliefs are just a thought, nothing more, nothing less.  As you see them as just thoughts, see them get smaller. Allow the thought of your limiting beliefs to fade and get smaller.  The lies you tell yourself are getting farther and dimmer while you focus on what is true.  You are good enough, you are worth it, you do matter and you are lovable just the way you are.  You can see that your old beliefs no longer serve you and your new beliefs support your true desires.

Get a white balloon, write your false (limiting) beliefs on the balloon, pop the balloon after you have read the poem below.
White represents purity, truth and innocence.  It’s qualities are cleanliness, self sacrifice and beginnings.  Purity brings us to a deeper level of existence and renews our souls experience of the moment.
Today I let go of the pain and hurt I have been holding onto.  Today I choose to let go of the baggage I have held onto for years.  Today I let go of the limiting beliefs and lies I told myself for so long.  Today I choose a new beginning by seeing, believing, and honoring my truths.

Thanks to a colleague, Gena who assisted with writing this poem!

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