Let Them Play

Let Them Play

If you walk into Target or Walmart they have entire sections, devoted to children’s toys. I’m certain you have said or heard someone tell their child, “put that down. You can’t play all day.” I am here to tell you, let your child play.

Playing has many benefits. It can promote family bonding, if the family engages in a game night, or play a game together. When children play, it can enhance their communication skills, encourage positive social skills, enhance academic skills and problem solving skills. They are additionally able to focus their energy in a positive outlet, reduces stress and develops strong character.

Playing is an easy way to facilitate your child’s healthy development no matter their age. The games your child plays don’t HAVE to be educational for your child to experience these benefits. You’ll be surprised, how much there is to learn about your child just watching them play.


By Stephonia Llewellyn



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