Discovering Yourself: From a Millennials Standpoint

Discovering Yourself: From a Millennials Standpoint

Discovering Yourself: From a Millennials Standpoint

Does it ever seem like growing up is accompanied by a lack of sense of purpose?  Every generation has gone through this phase of “discovering yourself” as a young adult emerging into the “real world”.  This may cause anxiety to anyone that finds themselves in a position in which they do not know where to start.  In addition to the fact that all of the decisions you choose to make in this stage of your life could have an inevitable effect on the rest of your adult life.  But no worries, you are not alone!

What is my purpose? Why am I here?

Discovering your sense of purpose is associated with what motivates you to carry out this purpose. We all have a purpose and we were all put here for a reason, just like how everything in life happens for a reason. “If this wouldn’t have happened, then that wouldn’t have happened.” Nothing just happens, there is always a series of events that occur that cause things to take place.  Just like how your motives and the way you depict your life is how it will be carried out, for the most part.  Life has and always will be unpredictable, no matter how much pre-planning for the future you may attempt to do.  Anything can occur and your whole life can change in just a second.  But because of this unsureness life is accompanied with, one must prepare for the worst but always hope for the best.  Only you can control your actions that cause a reaction from life itself though.  When you feel motivated to go out and accomplish a realistic goal, only you can control whether or not this goal shall be accomplished, depending on how persistence and consistent you are toward it.  


One may define their meaning of life as finding ones “calling” or what they were meant to do career wise.  But instead of asking yourself what your purpose is in life, you can ask yourself: what can you do for the world, what do you have to offer, what good can you bring to society.  There are plenty of influential statements that tell you to be the change you want to see in the world but when you think about this and take it into perspective, it’s much more complex than that. Your value as a human being can be correlated with what influence you can bring to society, especially those immediately close to you.  There will always be a million reasons to give up on what you desire for in life and those reasons should be viewed as motivation to continue to move forward.  The only real beneficiary to your happiness and success will be you, so always carry out your goals for yourself, on your own account and because you want to. Similar perspective can be compared to relationships as well.  You must learn how to love yourself first and build a life you can be proud before you are capable of loving and building a life with someone worthy of you.  

Being comfortable in your own skin is such an empowering feeling, especially in this day and age.  So much value and effort is put into looking like you are happy without actually being happy or satisfied with where you are in life.  Age should be viewed as years of wisdom instead of just years of wasted life.  Never take your youth for granted. As a young adult or a “millennial”, we should put more effort and importance into living a meaningful life, since “you only live once”.

My name is Lisa Hernandez and I am an intern at Caring Therapists of Broward.  I received my Bachelor’s in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University and a couple months after I began interning under Amanda Landry.  Before starting my internship, I was unsure of which branch in psychology I wanted to pursue for graduate school.  But after careful thought and extensive exposure at CTOB, I’ve been entirely inspired.  With the influence of Amanda and her amazing work along with that of her wonderful team of therapists, I’ve made it my goal to pursue a career in Mental Health. I admire the endless positive impact Amanda and her team have on their clients and I wish to make that much of a positive impact on people as well one day.  The mind is such a powerful thing, which makes the health of your mind just as important as your physical well-being.   

2 thoughts on “Discovering Yourself: From a Millennials Standpoint”

  1. I am so proud of you. From here not looking back I love you and this is the first fan you have for this blog for two reason I am in to mental health deep and two because you are like my little daughter.

  2. Very well put. So much insight is provided in this blog. It’s refreshing to see a millenial with real insight of the purpose of life and what it means to be truly happy.

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