Best of Davie 2021

Best of Davie 2021

Caring Therapists of Broward- Davie location is proud to be the winner of the Best of Davie, Cooper City and Southwest Ranches award for Best Counseling Center. We are excited for this award because it was voted on by local people who know, like, and trust us.

Caring Therapists of Broward started in 2015 in Pembroke Pines by Amanda Landry- then Patterson, with a vision to provide high quality mental health services that were accessible to a variety of people. In 2019, the practice exploded and we were looking for a new home. We looked in Pembroke Pines but couldn’t find our new home. Davie was a natural pick for us because it’s a fantastic location. We moved into our new home and we loved it. Caring Therapists of Broward continued to see growth through 2020 and 2021. Mental health services are needed now more than ever. We’re excited to announce that we are growing and moving into a larger space in October 2021.

We love Davie for our counseling center’s house because most of us have roots in Davie, Cooper City and Southwest Ranches. My family grew up in Miami and Broward County felt like a foreign place to me. My aunt, Sue Rogers, moved to Broward before it went viral after Hurricane Andrew. She moved into Southwest Ranches, where she had ten acres and horses. Some of my fondest memories from childhood are at her house. My family eventually moved to Broward and my roots continued to grow.

My best friend, Amanda Bellinder, another winner for Best Salon, Amanda Lynn and Co, moved with her family to Cooper City in the mid-90’s. We spent our summer days walking around and engaging in lighthearted mischief in Cooper City. Our high school, McArthur, played their first game of my high school career against Cooper City and I’ll never forget going to their field and feeling like I was on top of the high school world.

In high school, I was determined to go away for college because it seemed like the thing to do. I went up to Florida State University and did not like it. I wondered where my new home would be. That’s when I decided to enroll at Nova Southeastern University in Davie. I spent the next 3 years absolutely loving my experience at NSU, especially as a member of the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority. I loved it so much that I decided to earn my master’s in mental health counseling. I graduated in 2007 and I’ve been on my counselor journey ever since.

Being in this community is important to me and my team because it’s in our roots as therapists. Most of us attended NSU for our undergraduate and/or graduate degrees. We love working with college students in the area. We love working with the Broward County School Board. We love working with residents of Davie, Cooper City, Southwest Ranches and all of Broward.

We are so honored to have received this award. We are committed to providing high quality care to this area. We can’t wait to move into our 4000 square foot, 11 office and a conference room new office. We are proud of the work we do and we look forward to continuing to provide exceptional mental health services to this area.

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  1. I am so honored to be the start of your journey into Broward county and the accomplishments that you have achieved. I hope for nothing but the best in the future for you and if you’re ever looking to get to West Palm Beach let me know I have an opportunity there for you as well.

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