All About Janet Bayramyan, LCSW

All About Janet Bayramyan, LCSW

Janet Bayramyan, LCSW

Healing is possible. My name is Janet Bayramyan, and I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in CA and FL. If you’re feeling stuck, angry, anxious, or depressed, I’m glad you’re here. My goal is to support you in getting some relief, clarity, and hope that things can be different and working better in your life. I enjoy utilizing mind and body integration for both growth and healing, while also collaborating with you to cultivate balance and meeting your goals. I work with clients who experience challenges in their intimate relationships. One sub-specialization includes working with individuals in long distance partnerships. As someone who has experienced long distance, I know the unique challenges you face.

I also work with survivors of trauma (sexual, emotional, physical, neglect, abandonment). If you’ve struggled with addiction, relationship issues, or sexual challenges in your life, I offer an eclectic approach to support you in meeting your goals. I know that one size fits all doesn’t work, so my style is to collaborate with you in your therapy.

I’m trained and certified in a variety of interventions including EMDR, Havening Techniques, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I offer both online therapy called teletherapy, and therapy in person.


Sexual Abuse

Relationship and Marital Issues

Sex Therapy

Trauma and PTSD

Sex Addiction Therapy


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