How to Manage Your Depression and Anxiety After a Break-up

How to Manage Your Depression and Anxiety After a Break-up

Manage Your Depression and Anxiety After a Break-up

Break-ups are hard business, on both sides.  It’s never fun to be the one broken up with and it’s not easy being the one to break-up with someone.  During a break-up, it is common to feel mixed emotions, including depression, anxiety, anger and confusion.  The one thing that a break-up needs to heal is time.  In the meantime, there are some strategies you can use in order to best manage your depressed and anxious feelings.

1. Talk to your friends, family or a therapist about it
You probably won’t feel like it but talking about your depression and anxiety will be helpful. Opening up and expressing your feelings is an important step in healing.

2. Learn to express your resentments and then forgive
A big part of grieving a relationship is looking at your resentments towards that person and then work on forgiving them. This process may take a long time; however it is another step towards healing.

3. Feel your feelings but don’t dwell there
It is totally normal to cry during a break-up; however lingering there for too long can lead to depression. Staying in the sadness for too long is not good for your mental health.

4. Start rediscovering yourself
Look for ways you can find yourself again. Maybe you have been putting off a hobby you wanted to start. Maybe you can go on a trip you’ve been planning. Find yourself again and become whole.

Manage Your Depression and Anxiety After a Break-up

Breaking-up is a part of the grief cycle.  You will go through disbelief, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  It will take time to move through all the stages into a place of acceptance.  Take care of yourself and find that love within you and eventually one day you will wake up and realize the break-up was the best thing that could have happened to you.

Manage Your Depression and Anxiety After a Break-up

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  1. I love #4. I believe people often leave pieces of their life behind once they enter a relationship. Too often, people become so consumed with their partner that they forget about their own wellbeing. Great article!

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