How to Let Go of a Relationship

How to Let Go of a Relationship

 Let go of a relationship
If you find yourself stuck in a toxic relationship or just out of one and wanting to fully let go, there are some definite steps you can take to let go.  And believe me, the first step is not to watch Frozen over and over again, singing Let It Go. Breaking up is painful, even if you know it’s the right thing to do.

If you’re struggling with letting go, here are five things you can do in order to move on.

1. Get the help of a therapist or trusted friend

Many people schedule an appointment with me after going through a break-up.  It’s a period of high emotions and getting the help of a therapist might be your wisest move.

2. Create a list of the reasons you are moving on

Keep a list close by of the reasons why you are moving on.  Make it about you and not about their transgressions.  For instance: “I am moving on because I want to be happy everyday” instead of writing “He made me miserable everyday”.

3. Create a list of what you want in a relationship

Having a clear focus of what we want in life help guide us in the right direction.  Create a list of what you are looking for in a relationship and then go after it with someone who can match your needs.

4. Put your focus and energy somewhere else

 This does not mean start dating someone else right away but it does mean get back into your old hobbies.  Don’t sit home and dwell on your misery, get out there and take your life back.

5. Count your blessings

When you focus on what’s good in your life, you are actually creating more good.  Keep a gratitude journal by your bed and first thing in the morning right down everything you are grateful for.

This is the second post I’ve written about break-ups during my 31 day blogging challenge because it’s something that EVERYONE goes through and it’s painful.  It’s a loss and it should be treated like one.  You will go through the stages of grieving and eventually you will come out on the other side in the stage of acceptance, ready to take on a new adventure.


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