How to Use Music to Reduce Anxiety and Depression

How to Use Music to Reduce Anxiety and Depression







Music is an excellent coping skill that can be used pretty much all of the time.  We live in an era where music is easily accessible.  You can listen to it in the car, on your phone, on your computer, on your tablet, and with other device you’ve got.  You can even stream music to your television.  Using music to help alleviate depression and anxiety is great because you can literally use it whenever your feelings start to come up.  There are some specific ways you can use music in order to help you.

 1. Create playlists for certain feelings








YouTube is phenomenal for allowing you to make playlists. You can create a feel-good playlist that you listen to when you are feeling depressed or anxious. You can create a playlist of songs that are relaxing for when your anxiety is out of control. Having these songs ready to go will help during periods of high stress. Just put on Youtube and relax!

2. Identify one song that puts you in a good mood







Having one song readily available to you can instantly put you in a better mood. Play this song when you are feeling down and let the song inspire you and move you. Make sure to put this song in your favorites so you can play it immediately.

3. Use music to elicit feelings while journaling











One technique that is recommended is to use music to help you elicit feelings while journaling. If you are journaling about something sad, play a sad song to help you fully express that feeling. Music can aid in opening up your feelings while journaling. Try listening to a song about money when writing down your financial goals. It doesn’t have to be heavy so play around with different topics and different songs.


Music helps to bring up feelings and works on calming them down, as well.  Using music as a coping tool for your depression and anxiety can be a strategy you can use in the moment to reduce your feelings.  What are your favorite feel-good songs?  Comment below and let us know!


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