Benefits of Online Counseling by Fatima Khan-Ali

Benefits of Online Counseling by Fatima Khan-Ali

Tell us about your favorite part of doing online counseling

The convenience of it; clients have the opportunity to sign in to their sessions from anywhere in the state, making therapy more accessible. Also it helps with continuation of care, as clients do not have to switch therapists due to logistical issues.

What’s something funny that happened to you during an online counseling session?

My client was talking to their “Alexa” to set a reminder, and inadvertently created the reminder on my “Alexa” at home too. We all had a good laugh.

Do you think online counseling is here to stay?

Definitely, it has added to the flexibility of healthcare all around.

What types of clients do you work best with for online sessions?

Those who come prepared for their session with an idea of what they want to talk about, and those who are motivated to see improvements in their life.

What are the benefits you see from online counseling?

My clients are able to be more consistent with their sessions and things like weather, schedule, and distance do not get in the way of appointment times as much. For my clients who enjoy doing art work, its easy for them to share their work with me.

Tell us something interesting about yourself

I love getting a window into my client’s world through online therapy, it enhances the my view of my client’s individuality.

Hi, I’m Fatima, a south Florida native with ties to the Caribbean, and I absolutely love what I do! Since graduating in 2011, I have had the pleasure of helping so many achieve their goals. I have helped teens and adults work through and overcome symptoms of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and, addiction. One of my passions is helping couples learn how to better communicate with each other. Together we can get through the difficult times in your relationship by building stronger foundations and understanding each other on a new level.

Graduating from St. Thomas University with honors and becoming licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and a Masters Level Certified Addictions Professional (MCAP), my training has afforded me a unique lens by which I view the complexities you may face in a relationship or family system. My education and experience have also allotted me a toolbox with a wide array of clinically sound techniques that include dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, stress reduction, and mindfulness.

Learn more about Fatima:

Fatima Khan-Ali, LMFT Clinical Director

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