Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips

By Paola Gómez, Ph. D

As summer comes to an end and back to school season begins, it can be hard to get back into the regular demands of the school life – for both kids and adults. Whether your child is starting kindergarten, entering a new grade or is starting at a new school, here are some strategies that can help you and your child to deal with the common anxieties related with a new environment.

The most important trick is to plan ahead and talk with your child.
Discuss what your kids can expect on the first day or first week of school and help them to feel more prepared.

Plan to visit the school
Most schools offer tours around the school, and even have an Open House or Meet and Greet.

Know the school schedule and your child’s schedule and assignments.
If you don’t know (cause be honest times have changed) just call or visit the school.

Always remember to talk to your child about any concerns that may arise in the days before the school starts as well as reassure him/her that is ok to feel nervous at the beginning of the school year, as we are trying to set ourselves to the new routines, school environment, teachers and classmates.

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