Amazing Victim, Amazing Powerhouse…Who’s Showing Up Today?

Amazing Victim, Amazing Powerhouse…Who’s Showing Up Today?

Amazing Victim, Amazing Powerhouse…Who’s Showing Up Today?
2/22/2016 1 Comment

Who knew horses could see through your soul? Not me, but I got to see first-hand how they do. I had the opportunity to work with horses during a recent leadership course. My amazing victim side decided to show up that morning. She felt anxious and not good enough and every mini horse in the stable saw and felt it too. Every time I went near a horse they ran the other way. They wanted nothing to do with me. The next part was bridling the horses. It took me over an hour and I had the wrong size bridle. Now my not good enough and shame was even more present than when I first got there. After working on some more exercises and reminding myself I am good enough I stepped into my power and the experience changed. The last exercise of the afternoon involved walking a beautiful cinnamon mare, who the group identified as our future selves, down a path blindfolded while our obstacles in life were in this path. I looked in the horse’s eyes and saw what a beautiful and amazing animal it was and how lucky I was to have this opportunity. I walked the horse down the path while being guided by my peers since I was blindfolded and all of a sudden the horse began nuzzling me and kissing my hand. What a shift from the morning. The horses hoof hit the grass which made one of my obstacles bounce. At the end the instructors told me I needed to pick up the paper. On that paper was the greatest message of all, one of the obstacles that does and will get in my way; Not Standing In Your Power. This could not have been truer as it had just shown up that day. When I was staying in victim all the mini horses ran but when I was in my power the biggest horse of all was nurturing and loving. What does it mean to stand in your power?
1. Own who you are and not your story or circumstances: Believe you can have what you want and be the best version of yourself. Challenge your old beliefs because they are lies you told yourself based on events you experienced early on in life.
2. Be in awareness: Learning when you are in victim is key to keeping yourself off the victim triangle. When I am feeling anxious and not good enough or my language is coming off as woe is me, I know I am sitting in victim. Make a choice to do it different and have a support system that calls you on your shit.
3. Stand in your truth: What is your truth? What do you want and who are you? Being able to know who you are and what you want is half the battle. Let go of the identity you created based on your false beliefs and who everyone else identified you to be. Decide who you are and don’t be sorry for it.

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