Amanda Landry featured on podcast Ideal Practice

Amanda Landry featured on podcast Ideal Practice

From the Ideal Practice Website:

AMANDA LANDRY was thinking big from the beginning…

…but even she never thought she’d get to this place.

With a staff of 35 scattered over four different locations, her group counseling practice is changing lives in a big way.

And to think – she started with one tiny office, and a part time admin. What a story her’s is…


  1. Why you should hire help from the beginning, even when it’s just you…
  2. What it means to get your systems in place now as part of your plan for the future.
  3. How to structure a large group practice that’s billing for over 2000 sessions per month.
  4. How to keep it human, and build a practice people are proud to be a part of.
  5. Why no matter how successful you are, you still have to do your own internal work. Always.

Whether you’re a one woman show who’s happy to keep it that way, or a big hearted visionary with big dreams of your own, there’s something here for you.

Give it a listen.

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Amanda Landry is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and private practice consultant who helps solo and group practice owners build smart practices.

She’s the owner of a large group practice, Caring Therapists, with several locations in Florida, which specializes in working with children through adults.

She’s also the founder of My Private Practice Collective, an online community with over 18,000 members for therapists in private practice.







If you’re like Amanda, and you – too – have big dreams, I can help you start putting a plan together to make those dreams real. Click here for details.

Wendy Pitts Reeves, LCSW
Host, Ideal Practice
Private Practice Coach and Mentor

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