Amanda Landry featured on Faith Fringes Podcast

Amanda Landry featured on Faith Fringes Podcast

Amanda Landry, Caring Therapists owner, was featured on the Faith Fringes Podcast.

From the Faith Fringes website:

Why is yoga a great tool to use for managing anxiety? Can you bring spirituality into your yoga practice? What extra benefit does trauma-informed yoga bring to clients in therapy?

In this podcast episode, Dawn Gabriel speaks about the benefits of integrating yoga into your life with Amanda Landry, LMHC.

Meet Amanda Landry

Amanda Landry is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Addictions Professional, National Certified Counselor, and private practice consultant who helps solo and group practices build smart practices. She’s the owner of a group practice, Caring Therapists with several locations in Florida. Caring Therapists specialize in working with children through adults. They treat individuals, couples, and families.

Amanda is the author of Guided Journal for Women with Anxiety.
She is also the founder of My Private Practice Collective, an online community for therapists in private practice.

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  • Combining trauma-informed yoga with therapy
  • Yoga as a tool to manage anxiety
  • Yoga as a spiritual practice

Combining trauma-informed yoga with therapy

Trauma-informed yoga brings in a lot of awareness around breathing and focusing on feeling within the body.

It can empower clients to learn how to self-regulate during stressful moments and to feel safe within their bodies by learning how to regulate their nervous system through intentional, slow movements and deep breaths.

I also think it’s good for [therapists] too to have another tool that we can use, even if we’re not directly using it in our therapy sessions. (Amanda Landry)

The lessons that a client learns in trauma-informed yoga can be practiced both inside and outside the therapy room at any time, without doing the actual yoga poses.

Yoga as a tool to manage anxiety

Clients with anxiety generally … do not want to be put on medication, and if they’re trying therapy, they usually are trying to avoid medication. So, they tend to be eager to find holistic or alternative methods to managing anxiety. (Amanda Landry)

Yoga is a great tool that people can use to manage anxiety.

Yoga is much more than just a series of poses. It is a practice that you can use to align your mind and body through breath.

By practicing intentional breathing, slow movements, and mindfulness, you can bring yourself to the present moment with calmness.

Yoga as a spiritual practice

Another added benefit of yoga is that it can be treated as a spiritual practice.

You can combine yoga with meditation to both clear and calm your mind, and also reach a state of being where you can feel closer to God and a sense of peace.

[Yoga] is based in spirituality. It’s not necessarily based on one religion, it’s based [on reaching] a higher connection that you feel. (Amanda Landry)

Yoga allows you to collect yourself altogether into one place at one time.

Through yoga’s principles of intentionality and conscious breathing, you can experience a sense of wholeness and connectedness in a yoga session, leaving you feeling in control and more present within yourself.

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