How to Avoid Oversharing on Facebook and Social Media

How to Avoid Oversharing on Facebook and Social Media


We all get it.  There are just some days when you want to pull your hair out because your boyfriend did something dumb, yet again.  Some days your kids did something really cute while in the tub.  Some days you are having an off day and need some support from people.  Facebook and social media is connecting and disconnecting us like never before.  We are connecting and sometimes we can be too connected.  There are times when Facebook is used as a journal, as opposed to a platform to connect with other people.  Oversharing on social media is become more and more common place.

If you are wondering if you should share something on Facebook, here are some golden rules to follow:

  1. Check in with a trusted friend or family member and ask their opinion about the topic before you post it

  2. Write it down first in a journal and if you still need to air it on Facebook, then proceed with caution

  3. Don’t talk poorly about specific people or put someone on blast. You never know what the future will bring you and keep a clean face might be your best line of defense

  4. Don’t put up obscure, emo status updates and then wonder why people are questioning you about it

  5. Steer clear of posting pictures of your children in pictures that might be embarrassed of later in their lives

Having a therapist by your side to be the person you can vent to and air out your feelings is a great coping strategy.  We all need to vent and get things off of our chests.  It’s a natural process of life.  This is why talk therapy is so popular, as well as having a best friend you can share all about your life with.  Facebook and social media are public forums, even if your page is private.  Everyone can see what you are posting and it is always recommended to err on the side of caution about what you are posting.




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