How to Create the Perfect Vision Board

How to Create the Perfect Vision Board

Happy New Year!  You may have come across the concept of vision boards and want to create one for yourself.  A vision board can be a great way to focus on what you would like to see in your life for the upcoming year.  You can light a candle and make one alone or grab some friends for a vision board party.   Here’s how to get started!


Get a board

You can get as wild as you want (it’s your board).  No special size is required, but it may help to keep in mind where you want to display your finished product.  That’s because you’ll want to mount it where you can look at it daily.  A cork board, a piece of poster board, a blank art canvas, a shadow box, a picture frame, or a frame on the wall made with painter’s tape can all be a way to start out your masterpiece.

Gather Your Happy Place

Begin to collect items that make your heart happy and inspire you to move forward.  Inspirational quotes that actually mean something to you, images of your dreams, and/or a list of your top 5 goals for the year.  If you want to get fancy, add meaningful found objects (think shells, feathers, photos) to give your board a 3D feel.

Enjoy Your Creation

Affix your items to the board with glue, tape, or putty depending on your plans to change the board throughout the year.  Feel proud that you’ve taken some “me time” to reflect on your goals for a healthy and abundant New Year.

Extra Credit:

If you want to take your vision board to the next level, remember:

Be flexible.  We are human beings and our goals may shift and change during the year.  Keep some pushpins and tape near your board so you can make adjustments as needed.

Be mindful.  Use the present moment to practice gratitude.  Balance your future goals with appreciation for your life right now.

Be kind.  Remember that your vision board is a way to promote self care and inner reflection.  It should be a tool used to build yourself up.  Resist beating yourself up for what you haven’t gotten around to completing/accomplishing.



LaToya Carbonell, LCSW

I help women cope with the stress of infertility.  I partner with my clients by offering a safe and calming environment to process their clients by offering a safe and calming environment to process their feelings.  I also work with new parents experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety after birth, adoption, and fostering.

As a therapist, I have worked with women to process trauma, grief, and loss.  As a trusted member of the community, I have provided education to countless parents and caregivers.

I have a Masters of Social Work from Barry University and completed a Post Masters Certificate in Mindfulness and Therapeutic Process.  I am a member of Postpartum Support International and RESOLVE: the National Infertility Association.  I also serve the Safe Kids Coalition of Broward County to train healthcare professionals, firefighters, nurses, and law enforcement officers on how to safely install car seats.

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