What to Expect for Your Child’s Psychological Evaluation

What to Expect for Your Child’s Psychological Evaluation

Your child’s school informed you that they are struggling to keep up academically. At the playground, you noticed that they are not interested in playing with other kids. Or maybe, your pediatrician referred you for an evaluation. What now?

A psychoeducational evaluation may sound like an intimidating process, but it is actually a great way to find the answers you are searching for. Every psychologist operates a little differently, but here are three basic steps to expect.

The Intake

If your child is under the age of 12, you as the parent(s)/guardian(s) will go through an in-depth interview about your child. If your child is 13+, they may join you for the intake, or have a separate session for themselves. You may also be asked to fill out rating scales related to your child’s functioning. The intake is a great way to ask any questions that you may have about the evaluation process.

The Testing Session(s)

The amount of testing sessions needed usually depends on how complex your question(s) about your child are. During this time, the goal is to get the best picture of your child. They will complete several different tests, and usually, children really enjoy the evaluation process. They like the challenge of trying new activities and usually love the one-on-one attention. Our practice typically schedules 2-4 testing sessions to complete the evaluation process.

The Feedback Session

Finally, all the pieces come together. You will have the opportunity to learn about your child’s performance on tests, read portions of the evaluation, and understand the practitioners’ conclusions. There will also be time for any additional comments/questions you may have. Lastly, the practitioner will always have a tailored list of recommendations for your next steps.

So, there you have it! Now, where do you go from here? Utilize the recommendations your practitioner provided you with. Your next best steps may be sharing your evaluation with your child’s school, so they can receive necessary accommodations. It may be starting therapy or joining a social skills group. Overall, what works best for you and your family will be determined individually. I hope this eases your mind, and I look forward to working with you soon!


Psychological Testing and Evaluations for Children and Teens in Florida

We offer psychological testing and evaluations for children and teens in our Davie, Wellington, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach Gardens offices.  We test for Autism, ADHD, gifted, learning disabilities, developmental delays, dyslexia, depression, anxiety, and a variety of other psychological disorders.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment or get any of your questions answered, please call our office at 954-378-5381  and 561-223-1066 or send us an email at info@caringtherapistsofbroward.com.


Hello! I am Dr. Alyssa Kerrigan, a postdoctoral school psychologist. My goal as a practitioner is to serve as an advocate for your child’s needs. I have had the pleasure of working with children from 2 years old to 18, with wide variety of diagnoses. I enjoy collaborating with and empowering parents through positive techniques and strategies that help them to better understand challenging behavior. I conduct psychological assessments and psychoeducational evaluations for concerns such as ADHD, Developmental Delays, Learning Disabilities, Giftedness, and autism spectrum disorder. I also provide supportive counseling and evidence-based interventions for school aged-children with socio-emotional difficulties.

Dr. Alyssa Kerrigan offers psychoeducational testing and evaluations in Wellington and Palm Beach Gardens.

Learn more about Dr. Alyssa Kerrigan: https://caringtherapistsofbroward.com/staff/alyssa-kerrigan-psy-d/


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