What are YOUR Favorite Mental Health tips?

What are YOUR Favorite Mental Health tips?

We are all creatures of habit. We tend to do the same thing over and over. This goes for the things that are good for you and the things that are not so good for you. As a therapist, I know I do the same thing. I pretty much suggest the same things over and over to clients. Why? I like to call it my personal biased. Now, of course I assess every client and provide specialized treatment but I’ve written other blogposts to discuss the top ten things I suggest to clients. I began to realize I pretty much, during some point of treatment, will suggest these ten things. That doesn’t mean I won’t suggest other things and that doesn’t mean I will automatically suggest everything to all clients. Some clients are very clear that they do not enjoy meditating and do not plan on incorporating it into their lives. Therefore, I do not recommend or practice meditation with these clients.

Now this is where you come in. I want to know what you do to keep up on your mental health. If you are a therapist, what do you normally suggest to clients to do in order to improve their mental health? If you aren’t a therapist, what things do you do in order to keep up with your mental health? Feel free to share pictures in the comment’s section or email me your best ideas to Amanda@amandapattersonlmhc.com. I want to hear from you. I’m going to put all of the ideas together and create a blogpost out of the ideas. If you want to be featured, be sure to include your name, website, and any other information you want to share.

Amanda Landry, LMHC, CAP decided to become a therapist while attending Nova Southeastern University. She saw the need to help people achieve the life they wanted to live, while creating a life of her own. She completed her master’s in Mental Health Counseling and started a career in the juvenile justice arena. Since then, she has started a private practice in Pembroke Pines, Florida, specializing in depression, anxiety relationship issues, and substance abuse. Amanda is a believer in holistic treatment and she practices veganism, meditation and yoga in her life. Find out more about her practice here. For a free 15-minute consultation, call or text Amanda at 954-378-5381 or email her at amanda@amandapattersonlmhc.com.

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