Who are Weekend Couples Intensives for?

This workshop is ideal for married and premarital couples seeking to improve their relationship at an
accelerated pace. Couples who seek this workshop may be experiencing repetitive and frustrating conflict over the same
issues, feeling distant and disconnected, or feeling stagnant but desiring to grow into a healthier couple.

The Benefits of Intensive Sessions

  • Rosemary, our weekend intensive therapist, is Level 3 trained in the Gottman Method, which will be used for the intensive. It is a highly successful evidence-based treatment for relationships.
  • You will gain progress in one weekend that is typically achieved over 8 weeks. This will allow you to
    quickly make significant changes and gain momentum toward the relationship you ultimately want.
  • Couples will receive a report from their online assessment as well as materials to continue to
    use after the intensive.
  • You will learn practical communication strategies to help you better resolve conflict.
  • This is a great option for couples who do not have the availability for weekly sessions, or would like more
    immediate support. (Disclaimer: this is not a crisis mental health intervention and is not appropriate for an
    individual with current suicidal or homicidal ideation)


Weekend Couples Intensives are a focused, condensed form of couples counseling. The intensive will take place on one weekend, over two days (Friday & Saturday). Couples are encouraged to continue sessions on a weekly or bimonthly basis following the workshop. The cost for the intensive is $1600.

Weekend Couples Intensives Enrollment Form

If you are interested in signing up for our Weekend Couples Intensives, please fill out the form below and our office will be in contact with you.


Our Weekend Couples Intensives Are Private Intensives for Marriages and Relationships in South Florida

About Rosemary Scheppske, LMHC

Hello! I’m Rosemary, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor accepting new clients in Davie, Florida. I enjoy working with couples to offer hope while helping them achieve their goals.

With couples, I am trained in level 3 of the Gottman method to help build the foundation of a new relationship or strengthen a seasoned relationship.

I am knowledgeable and trained in the Enneagram, a personality tool used for growth and development. This can be used in therapy to increase a person’s strengths, become aware of growth areas, and use that information to manage mental health challenges. It is even used to help partners communicate better and become closer when both are aware of their personality type.

My goal is to create a compassionate space for each person to feel safe pursuing health, healing, and personal growth. Also, in my clinical experience and my own life I find spirituality to be a source of strength in difficult times. I am happy to provide Christian based counseling as requested.