The Past is in the Past

The Past is in the Past

There’s an old saying that says, “Let sleeping dogs lie”, which some interpret to mean don’t bring up things from the past that may cause trouble or hurt feelings. It’s my belief that if you want to change the future you need to work through your own blocks from the past. Old habits, patterns of behavior, limiting beliefs, maladaptive thinking patterns and so on. Many of our limiting beliefs and unhealthy behavior patterns were learned behaviors from our past. In order to change for the future, your learned behavior must become a skilled behavior. With all that being said here are some suggestions for working through the past so you can move into the future:

1. Work on the core issues from the past that are holding you back from the things you want in life. You can do this with a therapist who can help peel away all the layers.

2. Make a decision as to whether or not you want to do things different. If the answer is YES, change your old behavior and thinking patterns to match your new way of being. This means embracing the discomfort of the new such as; thinking positive, utilizing new skills, and even changing the language you use.

3. Let go of the past. Holding onto it once you have worked through it will just keep you stuck. Identify your deepest desires, biggest dreams, and your intentions so you can live the life you have always wanted on and with purpose.


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