Back to School Tips


Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips By Paola Gómez, Ph. D As summer comes to an end and back to school season begins, it can be hard to get back into the regular demands of the school life - for both kids and adults. Whether your child is starting kindergarten, entering a new grade or is starting at a new school, here...[ read more ]

Don’t Get Mad, Get Involved: Helping Your Child with Class Behavioral Issues

No parent likes hearing that their child is acting out in class. At first, most of us want to blame ourselves and figure out what we’ve done wrong. When we come up empty, we tend to put the blame on our child, and sometimes we even get angry. The truth is, parents do the best they can and so do...[ read more ]

3 Reasons Why Play Therapy Is So Effective

Through play, children discover the world around them and their feelings about it. Play is also how children communicate these often-complex feelings. This is what makes play therapy such a powerful treatment. Pretending offers children the opportunity to “finally” be in charge and express what if feels like to be them. Here are some more reasons why play therapy is...[ read more ]

4 Ways Play Therapy Can Improve Your Child’s Life

Children have great imaginations, and they use it in every aspect of their lives. Play is a huge part of children’s lives and they create imaginary scenarios with their toys all the time. If something is going on in a child’s life, one of the best ways to discover their true emotions is by watching them play. Play therapy is...[ read more ]

Take A Stand Against Bullying

Bullying in South Florida and everywhere is a major issue in today’s society.  In the past, bullying was taken lightly and the adage “Kids will be kids” was applied.  Today, bullying is taken very seriously and rightfully so.  Even though society as a whole is becoming more tolerant of people different than themselves, certain people are at a higher risk...[ read more ]

Failure to Launch: What to do if your son, boyfriend or husband hasn’t grown up!

Failure to Launch! Who remembers that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McCoughney movie from 2006? Rotten Tomatoes has it at 24% fresh, so many of you have skipped over this one. Basically, SJP plays a consultant that helps families of grown men move out of the dreaded “Failure to Launch” syndrome, from living out of their parent’s basements into full-fledged...[ read more ]

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