So, your child has anxiety…


So, your child has anxiety…

Many of the children I see of late are suffering from anxiety. Many more of their parents are confused as to why they’re anxious. That’s the thing about anxiety - there is no definite reason as to why someone has anxiety. It can be triggered by a big event or a buildup of smaller stressful life situations - for example,...[ read more ]

Black Therapists for your Child

“Do black people really come to therapy and tell you their business?” “Are there a lot of black therapists out there?” These are a few questions I get asked a lot. While I understand the desire to have a therapist of color for your child (especially if you are of color), it may not always be possible. I have previously...[ read more ]

Let Them Play

If you walk into Target or Walmart they have entire sections, devoted to children’s toys. I’m certain you have said or heard someone tell their child, “put that down. You can’t play all day.” I am here to tell you, let your child play. Playing has many benefits. It can promote family bonding, if the family engages in a game...[ read more ]

Our Children + Covid-19 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shook the world. With cases popping up everywhere, masks being required by some counties, people losing their jobs and schools being closed, it is a traumatic event experienced by all in one way or another. Most mental health disorders begin in childhood, making it essential that mental health needs are identified early and treated. Mental health...[ read more ]

Signs Your Child May Need Therapy

  I am often asked “how do I know if my child should see a professional?” It is important to note that it is normal for kids to have ups and downs, but how do you know if your child is struggling with something more serious? And when should you seek professional help? Here are a few things that if...[ read more ]

Teaching Kids Mindfulness: The Benefits and Easiest Ways to Do It!

“Pay attention!” It’s a phrase that is uttered dozens of times a week (if not more) in households where children between the ages of two and 18 reside. How is it that when they WANT to, oh say when they are playing video games or watching cartoons, kids can have a tremendous attention span. But at any other time, getting them to...[ read more ]

COVID-19 and Parenting

What a time to be alive! Not many of us had any idea to prepare for a pandemic within our lifetime, yet here we are. These new changes are creating new tasks and a way of life for us. If you are a parent during this time, whether new or old, you are facing a multitude of different realities that...[ read more ]

How to Help Your Child Manage Their Anxiety

For many, childhood is the most wondrous and exciting time in a person’s life. But even when a child is growing in a loving and stable family environment, they can feel fear and anxiety. Think back on your childhood. Everything new was something to be not-so-sure of. It was easy to feel a bit anxious on the first day of...[ read more ]

How to Talk to an Angry Teenager

It's well known that the teen years are the most trying time for parents. It may seem like their rebellion is personal, and that they're determined to make your home life miserable; but in reality, this is a natural process. Your teenager is maturing both physically and emotionally, and their brain is still developing. When their frontal cortex develops in...[ read more ]

How to Help Your Child Deal with Their Anger

Many parents believe in the same myth: if they do everything right, their children will be happy. But that’s not how childhood works. No matter how much you love your child or how much you give to them in the way of attention and material items, kids are still going to experience all kinds of emotions, including anger. While childhood...[ read more ]