3 Tips for Starting a Self-Care Routine

Self care

3 Tips for Starting a Self-Care Routine

You’ve probably heard of “self-care Sunday,” a recent trend that involves devoting one day a week to nourishing your mind and body. Whether you want to start practicing self-care on Sundays, Wednesdays, Fridays—or every day—good for you! Depending on the practices you adopt, self-care can boost your mental and emotional health, enhance your physical health, strengthen your relationships, and improve...[ read more ]

Time to Take Care During Stress Awareness Month

If you’re like most people, you deal with your own fair share of stress most days. And that doesn’t really seem fair at all! Especially when you consider that chronic stress can negatively impact our health, sending blood pressure soaring and causing our hearts to work harder. Whether it’s a bully for a boss, a horrific commute, mounting bills, or...[ read more ]

Best Tips to Reignite Love in February

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we will be discussing how to reignite love. Love comes in many forms and in a variety of ways. Sometimes it's going to be full throttle and full of passion. Other times, it's about tender, love and care. If your relationship has suffered in the love department, there are some strategies you can use...[ read more ]

Dejar ir el pasado

El "PASADO" cae en cada día que pasa. Dejar ir significa hacer elecciones diferentes de las que se lamentan, ya sean buenas o desagradables. Dejar ir principalmente significa aceptar el resultado, a veces decidir qué harías de manera diferente y luego elegir eliminar esos pensamientos. Puede que no desaparezcan, pero puedes hacerlos menos accesibles. El punto es no seguir reviviéndolo...[ read more ]

Letting Go of the Past

The “PAST” falls into every day that goes by. Letting go means making different choices from the ones regretted whether good or unpleasant. Letting go mostly means accepting the outcome, sometimes deciding what you would do differently, and then choosing to file those thoughts away. They may not disappear, but you can make them less accessible. The point is to...[ read more ]

Summer Reads

Our summer reads is here!  It’s about halfway through summer.  We’re checking up on you to see if you’ve reached your summer reading goal. Schools recommend that their students read each summer so why shouldn’t the parents?   Imagine this: you’re sitting on the beach and it’s warm outside.  You’ve got a cold and refreshing drink in one hand. In the...[ read more ]

Therapists Share Their Top Recommendations for Happiness

Recommendations for happiness are here for you.  Without realizing it, most people seek therapy because they are unhappy with their lives.  They may be unhappy because their anxiety is causing them to lose sleep. They may be unhappy because they are fighting with their spouse on a regular basis.  When you meet with a counselor or therapist a common issue...[ read more ]

How to Discuss Finances With Your Partner

Discussing finances with your partner can bring about a lot of conflict in relationships. The issues can include past debt, current debt, income, trust funds, making large financial purchases, etc. We want to give our readers some insight on how to have these important conversations and how to move forward in the relationship after these conversations have happened.  Our team...[ read more ]

Fall In Love

Fall In Love  Fall is upon us and it’s the perfect season to “fall in love” with your partner.  Though most people think of Christmas and Valentine’s Day as the traditionally romantic holidays, our team of marriage counselors and therapists has news for you.  There are plenty of ways you can reignite your relationship in the autumn and it doesn’t...[ read more ]

Fall is Coming! Top Tips to Fall into Health!

Our Fall Into Health Tips [caption id="attachment_2867" align="aligncenter" width="686"] Fall into Health[/caption] Fall is coming and it's time to Fall into Health!  In less than two weeks, the season will change to Fall and pumpkins will take over the world.  There will be pumpkin decorations.  There will be pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks.  There will be pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.  Fall...[ read more ]