COVID-19 and Parenting

Family Therapy

COVID-19 and Parenting

What a time to be alive! Not many of us had any idea to prepare for a pandemic within our lifetime, yet here we are. These new changes are creating new tasks and a way of life for us. If you are a parent during this time, whether new or old, you are facing a multitude of different realities that...[ read more ]

Padres Solteros

¿Lo que ha sucedido? La crianza de un solo hijo puede ser muy desafiante y puede venir de cualquier dirección, como la pérdida de un cónyuge hasta la muerte, la pérdida de un cónyuge para el divorcio, la decisión de adoptar o tener un hijo biológico sin pareja. Todas estas dinámicas impactan cómo nos criamos. La dificultad a menudo está...[ read more ]

Single Parenting

What has happened? Single parenting can be very challenging and can come from any direction such as the loss of a spouse to death, loss of a spouse to divorce, deciding to adopt or having a biological child without a partner. All these dynamics impact how we parent. The difficulty is often related to how we experienced our own childhood,...[ read more ]

Alzheimer’s and Havoc on the Family/ Alzheimer y Estragos en la Familia

Being a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer's can be devastating. It's a gradual erasure of memories for the patient and a constant reminder of a life of memories lost for the caregiver. Coping with Alzheimer's is much easier if you know how to navigate the stormy seas of this disease. Talking to someone who's been there and adjusting along the...[ read more ]

Mantener a las familias unidas y hacerlas funcionar

Mezclar familias no es tan simple como lo muestra el programa de televisión Brady Bunch, resolviendo problemas todo en una hora. A lo largo de la historia siempre ha habido familias mixtas, pero ahora tenemos la capacidad de aprender de las experiencias que otros han criado con éxito como un hijastro o adolescente que no los quería. La crianza de...[ read more ]

Keeping Blended Families Together And Making it Work

Blending families is not as simple as the Brady Bunch TV show portrayed it to be by solving all problems within an hour.  Families have blended throughout history and it’s never been easy. But now, we can learn from experiences of others who have successfully parented a step child or perhaps a teenager who thought he had no need of...[ read more ]

Tips to Talking Mental Health with Your Teen & Child

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a mental illness, you know firsthand how the diagnosis can impact your life. Mental illness is not only challenging for adults to understand but children as well. With so many myths and misconceptions surrounding mental illness, it’s easy for young people to feel anxious and confused. With this in mind,...[ read more ]

Signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in Mothers

You are looking for answers on Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  Maybe you are wondering if your mother has this disorder. A heavy diet, The Great Depression, and jumbo shrimp are all examples of oxymorons that are often used. These terms, characterized by two conflicting ideas being presented side by side, are sometimes humorous. In other instances, such as that of the narcissistic...[ read more ]

How to Talk to Your Child About Sexual Abuse

Let’s face the facts and address how sexual abuse is a taboo topic for Americans.  It is not something we discuss as a polite conversation but it’s also not something that is discussed behind closed doors either.  We didn't talk about it, until now.  If you turn on the television or pull up a news site, you are bound to...[ read more ]

What to Expect When Going to Therapy

One of the first questions potential clients ask on initial phone calls is “What can I expect from therapy?”.  Most people who come in for their first appointments are nervous.  They don’t know what to expect from the first session or the duration of treatment.  They often ask questions such as “How long will it take”, “What will happen during...[ read more ]