What is the Gottman Method?

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What is the Gottman Method?

When we fall in love with our spouses or partners, we never imagine that someday the honeymoon phase might end. We want to believe those Hollywood romantic comedies that make us believe we will “live happily ever after.” The truth is, all couples have their fair share of ups and downs. That’s natural. Healthy relationships require a lot of work....[ read more ]

5 Ways to be a Better Friend to your Partner

As a couples therapist I often hear complaints about the “spark” being gone from the relationship. The “spark” in a relationship can translate to a number of things, it changes over time and with life’s circumstances. The one thing that keeps successful couples coming back to each other and making it work is a solid friendship. Friendship often gets couples...[ read more ]

I Have a Boyfriend But I Don’t Love Him

I Have a Boyfriend But I Don’t Love Him – A Relationship Expert Shares Exactly What To Do https://deepsoulfullove.com/i-have-a-boyfriend-but-i-dont-love-him/     Amanda Landry, LMHC, CAP, NCC practices in a beautiful and comfortable office in Wellington, Florida.  She is the owner of Caring Therapists of Broward, a 5 star rated private practice in South Florida.  She specializes in helping people learn...[ read more ]

Staying Intimate during the Pandemic

It may feel these days as though you and your partner are ready to rip each other apart as we are all quarantined in our homes. This is NORMAL. Here is my survival guide on how to remain sane and loving with each other in close quarters. 1. Remind yourself that this quarantine is only temporary While it feels as...[ read more ]

Best Tips to Reignite Love in February

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we will be discussing how to reignite love. Love comes in many forms and in a variety of ways. Sometimes it's going to be full throttle and full of passion. Other times, it's about tender, love and care. If your relationship has suffered in the love department, there are some strategies you can use...[ read more ]

Marriage Counselors and Therapists Share their Top Communication Strategies for Couples

The hype of Valentine’s Day has gone down and couples are back to their normal routines. Sometimes in relationships, partners get stuck in patterns and their communication is no longer easy, effortless and productive. One of the main reasons people seek out couples’ counseling is to address communication. Most couples come in and say they want to improve their communication....[ read more ]

How to Discuss Finances With Your Partner

Discussing finances with your partner can bring about a lot of conflict in relationships. The issues can include past debt, current debt, income, trust funds, making large financial purchases, etc. We want to give our readers some insight on how to have these important conversations and how to move forward in the relationship after these conversations have happened.  Our team...[ read more ]

Fall In Love

Fall In Love  Fall is upon us and it’s the perfect season to “fall in love” with your partner.  Though most people think of Christmas and Valentine’s Day as the traditionally romantic holidays, our team of marriage counselors and therapists has news for you.  There are plenty of ways you can reignite your relationship in the autumn and it doesn’t...[ read more ]

When to Reach Out to a Couples Counselor

Reaching out to a couples’ counselor can be the first step or last step in your marriage.  Many people reach out marriage therapists when their relationship is on the skid.  Other people seek premarital counseling, especially if it is required by their church.  Our team of marriage and couples’ experts have shared when they recommend that you seek out a...[ read more ]

Setting Boundaries with Family Members

Setting boundaries with family members is a common skill taught in therapy. Boundaries are a necessary skill for a functional family dynamic to happen. It's often a skill people are not taught, especially in chaotic families. Learning boundaries with families can help you to set boundaries with friends, at work and in all areas of your life. This week, we've...[ read more ]